The Journey Begins…That’s B.S.

Hi all, thanks for joining me here! I am starting a new chapter in the Adventures in CancerLand, and I appreciate that you are curious and caring enough to read my thoughts, experiences, successes, and failures.

WARNING: There will be profanities used in my writing. If that bothers you, I’m sorry for you. I will work at being honest and transparent on this blog, but that often means swearing a lot when I have nothing better to say. So, there’s your warning!

First of all, let us just start with the title of this blog post: The Journey Begins. This isn’t about a journey. This cancer shit isn’t a journey. It’s a fucking devastating and horrible reality that I have to face. No, actually not me. My family. They are the ones that will truly carry this burden. They will be the ones that will pick up the pieces when I cannot take care of myself and when I am eventually gone. They are also my biggest cheerleaders. They are my drive and provide me with so much strength every day. Without them I am nothing. But with them, I feel like I can muster the strength to take on just about anything. It goes without saying, BUT I love them. A LOT.

But, back to the journey B.S. Life is the journey. This isn’t the beginning of my journey. My journey started 34 years ago. This is just a really curious and mysterious turn of events in my life journey. Whatever. I will tell you about it.

Secondly, I hope that through this blog my friends and family, near and far, can stay up to date with what is happening in my world. This isn’t meant to serve as medical advice or anything along those lines. Consult with your doctors if you read something that piques your interest. I won’t pretend to know everything, but I will share with you as much as possible when I can.

Finally, ask questions! I am smart, capable, and reasonably well versed in the “stuff” around my diagnosis. Sometimes I talk too much about the minutia because it’s interesting or fascinating to me, and that will be too much for you. That’s okay….skip over it OR ask me to rephrase. As a researcher and librarian, studying science journal articles is actually something I enjoy — not the case for many people.

I have put together an acronym/common cancer phrases page. I will update it as I can when or if new things come up. If you have a question about what a word or phrase is that I use and it’s not on the page linked above, let me know.




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